One Button

I have been trying to get a game done for a competition. The idea is that you create a game (for up to four players) that uses only one button (each): No extra directional inputs, keys, triggers, rotors, or Rez Vibrators. Ok, so that last one was output rather than input, but you get my drift. My friend Jack made an awesome one button game, which you can take a look at here.

Well, it has been hard. I started 2 weeks ago, when I was setting off on my annual family holiday. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, and if I could push myself into that area at least, I might have a chance of pulling it off, or at least discover something close by that was equally, if not more, fantastic. I snatched 20 minute programming sessions every now and then during the week, and got a really basic framework up and running, with some 5 minute graphics, but really not much else. Once home I lost a few days (nights) to sheer exhaustion. A bit more work done during the week fixing stuff that wasn’t working properly, and the end of the week was lost to preparing and launching *water rockets*.

This is what I have now:

Basically the (small) red things are turrets which you can fire - weapon selection, angle, and power is handled with various length presses of a single button. The projectiles move and interact realistically using proper 2d physics rules.

With the Jan 30 deadline looming, and Global GameJam happening next weekend (beginning Friday), I am really going to have to pull out all the stops to get something finished by Thursday night. It is going to need to be a bit simpler than the idea I originally had, but I think there is enough juice in here to still come up with something really fun, which is achievable within the deadline.

We shall see.


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